Mathew Jut's Biography


Dear Pedal Steel Guitar Lovers,

My name is Mathew Timothy Jut (MJ) and I started my Pedal Steel Guitar journey in September 2014. I practice around 2-3 hours per day (sometimes more it depends on my schedule from work). My first professional pedal steel guitar convention was in 2017, and my professional studio session was in March 2018. I played my second professional pedal steel guitar convention in June 2018 in Steensel - Eindhoven. Awesome collaborations have been made in 2019. In March 2020 was my third professional performance on stage at the pedal steel guitar convention in Steensel - Eindhoven and much more to come.

Thank you for visiting my Website and keep pickin'.


Yours sincerely,


Mathew Jut (MJ) 

Where it all begins


My great grandfather: 'Harry De Jonker' is my biggest inspiration of all time. My great grandfather was always playing on the lap steel and I really loved the sound of it. Back then I said that I really wanted to pick up the Steel Guitar as soon as possible. I've waited long to pick up the Pedal Steel Guitar due to the possibilities and interests, but when I started playing, I've experienced the most beautiful things in life.